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Love - Respects - Protects

The Association for the Protection of Animals Paws 011 / Šapica 011 is a private, non-profit, humane association of volunteers that is devoted to the protection and welfare of animals.

Founded in 2000 in Belgrade, Paws 011 / Šapica 011 is actively working on helping, sheltering, and fostering abandoned dogs and cats in the City of Belgrade, Republic of Serbia, and globally, and is actively raising awareness for animal rights and protection.

In 2009, we registered the Association Paws 011 / Šapica 011 No.44/2009.

In 2014, Association Paws 011 / Šapica 011 has registered its parent Cat Boarding Paws 011 / Šapica 011 service No.62/2014.

We are very proud that our mission and activity has expended in 2019 and includes the registered shelter No.323-07-11015/2019-05 for the cats with special needs - sadly, many of these cats were abounded simply for becoming sick, in need of medication, special food and more frequent vet-visits.

For these three decades of work and diligent commitment, we were honoured to receive the Animals Best Friend Award for 2019 by Newspapers Novosti, Magazine Zov, Nennel Society New Belgrade and TV "Pet Friendly".

Our Association Paws 011 / Šapica 011 is funded by its founder's personal funds, and proceeds from the cat boarding services. All funds received from the Paws 011 Cat Boarding are used for supporting our Shelter for Cats with Special Needs: food, medication, and veterinary services (treatment, sterilization, castration, vaccination).


Cat Boarding Paws 011

Love - Care – Play

Does your cat play and cuddle before going to sleep? Do you sign a name your cat on New Year's cards and love your cat as a family member? We understand that level of love because we are also cat lovers. That's why we've created a perfect boarding and daycare place where your pets can stay and play while you are away or on vacation!

Cat Boarding Paws is a family business and as cat-owners we know how difficult it is to find reliable people and places where you can leave your pets without having to worry about their wellbeing.  The goal of the Cat Board Paws is to provide the best of care to your cats by applying a wide range of knowledge, skills and professionalism.  You can relax knowing your cats are in good hands when you're on the go. We promise you that your beloved cats will have a very relaxing and enjoyable time with us coupled with lots of love and play.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If necessary, we can arrange for veterinary services - available 24 hours a day. If you find yourself missing your cats and want to connect with them, we are readily available to provide you an update via telephone, SMS, Facebook and FaceTime.


 Cat Rescue Paws 011

Cat Rescue Paws 011 is shelter for the cats with special needs - sadly, many of these cats were abounded simply for becoming sick, in need of medication, special food and more frequent vet-visits.

We are relying on our network, supporting groups / organizations, and friends who are in position to help us out - any monetary or food donations are greatly appreciated.

Please contact us at info@sapica011.com or visit our donation page www.sapica011.com/donacije.php


Paws 011 / Šapica 011 creates a better world for animals.



Cilj Pansiona za Mačke Šapica 011 je da sa znanjem, veštinom i profesionalnošću pruži vrhunski kvalitet usluge čuvanja i nege za Vaše mace kao i bezbedno okruženje, a Vi ćete biti opušteni jer se Vaša maca nalazi u pravim rukama. Obećavamo Vam da vreme koje će Vaša maca provesti kod nas biti opuštajuće, prijatno, puno ljubavi i igre.
Pansion za mačke Šapica 011

+381(62) 211 861

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